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Jan 18, - FUNKY 2 DEATH When I opened the Sea Monster Lounge music venue I knew I wanted to surround myself with superstars that were.

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As expected of Yosino, this elanachampionoflust another great piece of work. Top-notch graphics, textures and voice as usual from the company.

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The game totally deserves the 5 it is given and all the positive sda. What you will notice is that this game and other Yosino games is a mixture of images and animation videos which is pretty neat.

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The sex scenes will usually be played out with animation while the images tell the story. I hope that they could include longer sex mojsters loops and then include scene selection at the home menu or avi files in the folder.

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You can access swf files though As with a lot of the storyline driven games, it would be great to see them translate it for us. Was this review helpful to you?

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Yosino continue raising their 3D habilities for this new product. Continues with their new history about fantasy creatures, more than in the Jukan ace series.


The tentacles stopped molesting me and pulled away, leaving only the necessary ones to keep me held prisoner. Puzzled, I watched, as a new, grotesque tentacle appeared from beneath the masses.

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It was so thick Slowly, it undulated out until its tip was staring me in the face. There was a little slit at the top of its bulbous head, reminding me rather vividly of a penis.

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As I was thinking that, it started to tremble. It was warm and viscous, and it smelled strongly. Shaking my head to get rid of it, I cautiously opened my eyes, seeing a white color that reminded me all too much wea sperm.

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That's when I saw a second large tentacle rearing up. Immediately, I started to scream and twist, bucking as wildly as I could to get away. The tentacles holding me twisted me mobsters a new configuration, pulling my hands monsters of the sea 2 feet up into the air so that I was hanging by them with my ass dangling below like some kind of perverse fruit on a tree.

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Get away from there!!! No bad language should be heard.

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Very mild forms of violence implied, non-detailed, or non-realistic violence are acceptable for a game with a PEGI 7 rating. Sexual innuendo or sexual posturing can be present, while any bad language in this category must be mild.

This rating is mosters once the depiction of violence monsters of the sea 2 sexual activity reaches a stage that looks the same as would be expected in real life.

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While sailing Concubines Of Whoredor see a Tyrannosaurus roaring on land.

The next morning, Nigel discovers that they have hit a dead Archelon 2 monstesrwhich was mauled by some other monsters of the sea 2 before being hit by the boat.

Later, after managing to domesticate a Pteranodon 6 mthe sonar picks up some creatures right beneath the boat.

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Some of them knocked the ROV when they were investigating it, and an Archelon 4 m is also spotted. Having done the same thing with present-day leatherback turtlesNigel risks his personal safety to track down the Archelon and ride it.

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He and the cameraman ride off in the small inflatable raft. Before long, Nigel finds the Archelon when it comes up to the surface for air.

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He dives, grabbing onto the huge turtle's shell. But not long after, the sonar picked up something nearby: He quickly makes his escape back up to the raft, o disaster strikes.

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A family pod of Tylosaurus 18 m attack and completely overturn the raft, plunging the crew monsters of the sea 2 the sea. Fortunately for Nigel, the Tylosaurus 18 m seem more interested in the boat than the humans, and they quickly escape back to the Mariner.

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August Learn how and when to remove this template monsters of the sea 2. Walking with Cavemen Prehistoric Park List of Walking with The Complete Guide to Prehistoric Life Walking with Dinosaurs Dinosaur World Walking with Dinosaurs Tim Haines Jasper James. Nature's Lost Kingdom Alaska: Earth's Frozen Kingdom Japan: Earth's Enchanted Islands Atlantic: The Wildest Ocean on Earth Patagonia:

News:Jan 18, - FUNKY 2 DEATH When I opened the Sea Monster Lounge music venue I knew I wanted to surround myself with superstars that were.

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